Buck Stove Fabrication and Powder Coating


  • Top of the Line Technology
  • Cutting Edge Accuracy
  • We Can Nest and Cut Up To 5' x 10' Sheets of
    •  Steel (Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled)
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless Steel up to 1" Thick


  • Pearson Shear's
  • 5/16" Metal up to 3/8" Aluminum 
  • Up To 10' Pieces


  • MIG & Spot Welding Services


Our Centrum 200 Punch coupled with the programmable CAD system ensures automated accuracy to efficiently produce and optimize your design while minimizing material waste. 


The Di-Acro machines can be configured for a variety of reliable bending and forming operations maintaining accuracy throughout the entire job with the capacity to accommodate up to 12' long and 1/2" thick. 


  • Multiple colors available

In an ever changing industry, Buck Stove continues to be innovative in it’s business practices and design. For many years Buck Stove has served the community in many ways. Recognizing that many individuals and businesses need custom metal work, Buck Stove realized they have the resources to get the job done. Thus becoming 

Buck Stove Fabrication & Powder Coating

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