In 1971, Robert Bailey and Alvin Barrier opened a small country store  called Minpro Supply in the town of Spruce Pine, North Carolina. They sold gasoline, refurbished appliances, and bologna sandwiches made by Robert’s mother. In 1975, Mr. Carol Buckner of Asheville, North Carolina approached the two men about selling a new wood-burning stove that he had built, which included a three-speed motor. Buckner was searching for an outfit that could manufacture the stove, which he called the “Regular Buck”, as well as set up a dealer network for its sales. He had created the stove in the midst of the national energy crisis, when people were desperately looking for heating alternatives to gas and oil. Buckner made Bailey and Barrier an offer: if they could not sell the stove within 30 days, he would buy it back from them, no strings attached.

Bailey and Barrier used the stove as a floor model, and within two weeks, the partner’s had so many orders, they realized that they should  pursue the future in dealing with Buck Stoves. They became the first official Buck Stove Dealer, and began assisting in manufacturing operations as well. Within two or three months, they had sold 200 stoves. They transformed their store into a manufacturing facility, selling the stoves faster than they could get them off of the finishing line. Robert’s sister, Betty Bailey Carswell, even learned how to weld to help keep production moving. They set a goal of producing 30 stoves a week, but the demand was so high they quickly fell behind. 


To this day, Robert continues to lead the New Buck Corporation. The company has grown tremendously over the decades and continues to grow today. In 2008 Buck Stove moved into a much larger facility across town. This 300,000 square foot, 80 acre facility not only allowed the company to expand with a more spacious work environment, warehouse and showroom. This move also allowed the company the space for additions of newer, more sophisticated manufacturing technologies and machinery. Machines such as state of the art laser cutting tables and an on site  powder coating operation. With the addition of this modern equipment,  Buck Stove began to expand our product line to include outdoor grills  and fire pits. These products are made with modern designs and classic clean lines reflecting the same quality and craftsmanship unique to Buck Stove. In 2011, after experiencing such great response from our customers in regards to our outdoor products, Buck Stove once again decided to expand our outdoor line to include outdoor patio furniture. Our furniture is made from non-porous recycled plastic and is also manufactured right here in our Spruce Pine facility, providing our  customers with a full line of outdoor living products combining durability, style and comfort all in one beautiful package. Buck Stove, once again providing our customers with the same quality and craftsmanship they have come to appreciate.


Our most recent endeavor includes certification from the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association). This certification has allowed Buck Stove to launch our own line of Buck's Tiny Houses. These tiny homes and Park Models are also being manufactured in our Spruce Pine facility. They range in size from 290 square feet to 400 square feet, with the first one ready for show and sale in Spring 2016. Currently, the company has a nationwide distribution network,  including 10 national distributors that have their own dealer networks ranging from 50 to several hundred dealers! In an ever changing industry, Buck Stove continues to be innovative in their business practices and design. 

Unmatched American Quality is the company's main philosophy. We continue to improve upon our products and customer service striving to be second to none. This is our practice now and will be on into the future. Buck Stove...truly MADE IN THE USA!!! We take pride in the  fact that, for nearly fifty years, the Buck brand has been delivered with integrity, quality hand crafted products coast to coast.